Your Ultimate Guide to Using GOOLOO Products

Your Ultimate Guide to Using GOOLOO Products

Congratulations on your purchase of GOOLOO. Product! This innovative product is designed to make your driving life easier and more enjoyable. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to use GOOLOO Jump Starter and share some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of it.

Parts and Functional Description

The surface of the GOOLOO Jump Starter has many features, such as the Indicator, Power Switch, LED Flashlight, In/Out port, and more. Each feature serves a different purpose, such as the Battery Indicator, which displays the remaining battery life. To check the battery power, simply press the power switch.


How to Jump-start a Vehicle

  1. Connect the smart jumper cable fully into this unit and make sure the two indicators on the jumper cable is off.
  2. Connect red clamp to the positive (+) battery terminal and black clamp to the negative (-) battery terminal

  3. Check the indicator lights on the jumper cable, press the button and start your car engine.
  4. When the vehicle has been started, remove the jumper cable from the jump starter and vehicle battery

How to Charge Your Phone, Bluetooth headphones or Tablet

  1. Plug the charging cable into USB-A port and your devices.
  1. Press the power switch, the unit can identify your device and charge it automatically. The battery indicators will be lit up when charging.

How To Turn On/Off The LED Flashlight

Long press the power switch 3 seconds to start the LED light. There are 3 modes of LED light appear in order (Normal, Strobe, SOS, Off ) if you press slightly.


How To use GOOLOO Jump Starters DC Output.

Many GOOLOO Jump Starters come with DC Output, featuring 12V/10A or 15V/10A options. Our GT3000 and GT4000 Jump Starters are capable of reaching 150W. To use the DC Output feature, simply follow these steps:
  1. Connect the DC output: Connect the DC output cable to the DC output port of the GOOLOO Jump Starterand the DC input port of the device being powered, ensuring a secure connection.
  2. Power on the device: Turn on the power of the device being powered and check if it is running normally.
    How to Charge the GOOLOO Jump Starter.
    Our Jump Starter offers multiple charging options, including a type-C cable, wall charger, car charger, and phone charger. For example, the GOOLOO Jump Starter GT4000 can be charged using a type-C cable, a 5V wall charger (phone charger), or a car charger (note that 5V wall charger and car charger are not included). With a 100W fast car charger, only takes 45 minutes to charge the GT4000 from 0 to 100%. Moreover, our GT3000, GT4000, and GT4000S products support fast charging using a 100W wall charger, allowing them to charge from 0 to 20% in just three minutes and be ready for a quick boost.


    100W Wall Charger

    During the charging process, the indicator will blink one by one. The number of solid indicators indicates the current battery power level. Upon completion of the charging process, all indicators will automatically turn off.


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