GOOLOO P600 Power Station Review

If you are interested in self-driving tours, camping, fishing, and so on, maybe you are familiar with tents, tools, warm equipment, and outdoor power station. The choice of a portable power station is abundant in the market in recent years.

The mainstream capacity of an outdoor power station on the market is 600 W. As a consumer, in addition to choosing a suitable outdoor power station, choosing a cost-effective one is also important. After all, the price of a power station is not competitive now.


Charging mobile phones, laptops, drones, flats,and car refrigerators are basic demands to users who always use the power station outdoor. When choosing a power station, we should be aware of the maximum power of our daily use of the product. 

Take me as an example, I often use a power station to power flashlight, laptop, phone, and walkie-talkie, so a 300~600 W power station can meet my needs. But if you want to charge a hand drill, a pistol drill, or an outdoor hair dryer, please equip a 600 W electrical station at least.


I suggest considering the number of output types when choosing an outdoor power station. It is better to equip with 3 ports of 5 V/ 2.4 A USB output at least because many devices are still charged by USB ports. 

A quick charge port is indispensable. If a power station is short of a QC port, you may have to use a wall adapter charged by AC output, which is so annoying and inconvenient.

The GOOLOO P600 provides a 60 W PD Type-C QC output that can quickly charge our laptops, phones, and drones, and so on. At the same time, it has 5 V/ 2.4 A * 3 pcs, 9 V/ 2 A, and 12 V/ 1.5 A USB output ports which is convenient for us. AC output peak is 220 V 600 W. Besides, the car charger and the LED light function are provided as well.


In fact, I never pay attention to the using scenes of the outdoor power station until my iPhone was dead at Fairbanks during winter. 32°F is an embarrassing temperature I believe. An outdoor power station should work in extremely cool or hot weather. And the operating temperature of GOOLOO P600 is -4°F~131°F which is suitable for outdoor activity.


GOOLOO P600 battery is designed with lithium-ion. How do we know about a power stations' service life? Yes, right. We often judge a product's service life according to the times of usage. Actually, except for the times of usage, the battery’s performance will decay gradually after using it for a time. Besides, the frequency of charging and discharging will affect the battery life too.

Luckily, GOOLOO P600 can reach more than 1000 times of cycling usage that is better than many other bands' power stations with the same capacity.

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1 thought on “GOOLOO P600 Power Station Review

Mike Diehl

The power Station looks like a great piece of equipment for any situation. If this works as good as their jump starters you better tie your equipment down.

I see they also have a GT4000 jump starter not shown on their sight yet. I would love to review one of those and hope to buy one soon.


February 24, 2022 at 02:03am

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