The 2024 GOODAY is ongoing!

Pump Up Your Driving Adventures with GOODAYs Thrills!

Every year, as June comes to a close and July begins, GOOLOO hosts a grand celebration known as GOODDAY. This extraordinary event is exclusively dedicated to our esteemed members. Since 2022, we have carefully nurtured this tradition and plan to continue illuminating the years ahead. During this annual occasion, we prepare a series of special offers and exquisite gifts as a heartfelt expression of our endless gratitude and respect for you.
Since our establishment in 2014, GOOLOO has remained committed to enriching your driving life. We constantly strive for technological innovation and product optimization, ensuring that every journey becomes smoother and more enjoyable. No matter the emergency you face, we will go above and beyond to provide assistance, elevating your driving experience to new heights.

Choosing GOOLOO means selecting a partner who will accompany you on the blissful roads of life. Let us drive into the future together, savoring every moment of joy.

Limited-time special offers

Guess what incredible extras we've got in store for you -- a collection of exclusive offers!
During the 06/24/2024 - 07/10/2024 GOODAY Flash Sale, up to 55% off discounts are available sitewide together with five Today's Special limited-time sales. 📅
06/24  - 06/30 GP4000 YELLOW 
07/01 - 07/05 GT4000S + EVA Storage Box
07/06 - 07/10 GE4500
These three products have reached their lowest historical prices during the flash sale period.

GOOLOO's Most Worthy Products Guide:

GP 4000: the most popular GOOLOO jump starter

GP4000 is GOOLOO's flagship product and best seller. This model features multiple strengths such as 4000A peak current owing to which it can boost all gas-powered vehicles and up to 10.0 L diesel-powered vehicles, 24000 mAh battery capacity, 8 security protections. GP4000 is widely accepted and recommended by many YouTubers and online celebrities.

GT4000/GT4000S: Your most reliable mate on road

26800 mAh battery capacity and 4000 A peak current distinguishes GT4000/ GT4000S from all other jump starters as the most powerful and enables it to boost up to 12.0 L gasoline and 10.0 L diesel engines quickly and safely. With a display screen on it, GT4000/ GT4000S is super-strong yet novice-friendly. Besides, GT4000/ GT4000S supports up to PD 100 W USB in-/output -- it's time to charge your vehicles and devices at extraordinary speed.
Another thing to mention is that the GT4000 model is specially equipped with the most advanced pre-heating technology (exclusive to GT4000, not available on GT4000S) and therefore able to jump start batteries when the ambient temperature is as abominable as -40 °F !


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